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When Lotus discontinued NotesView, we were stuck. We needed a server monitoring tool that worked as well, if not better, than the NotesView/HP OpenView combination we had used for years. We set our criteria, which were simple:

- The monitoring tool must not need to be loaded on any server (as we had many different server platforms).

- It must be able to monitor mail from -- not from the Notes stats (as we had seen that the Notes stats did not work if the router was not working).

- It must be able to send pager messages directly from the software. We spent many months looking at all of the available software, testing the software in house, and we gladly chose GSX Monitor as the product of choice for our needs.

Several things drew us to GSX. Number one, and primarily, the first class support we received from them, even before the sale. GSX was committed to helping us make all the things we needed work and, in many cases, make them work better then we had imagined.

Secondly, GSX offered us many things we did not expect, such as the ability to monitor separate servers with different schedules and parameters. This has been a wonderful addition to our server monitoring. Another example is how GSX Monitor scans each server's log file to check for keywords. This has allowed us to find many problems that we didn't even know were happening.

GSX Monitor has been a great choice for us and has earned back its cost several times over. We continue to move away from all of the other monitoring tools we had set up, including built-in Notes events and statistics monitoring because GSX does such a great job.

One last thing, GSX is 100% reliable. After almost a year's use, we have had no Monitor crashes or hiccups that have prevented GSX Monitor from reporting critical server situations. This is a must in any monitoring tool and GSX Monitor has shined in this area.


You haven't heard from me in a long time, that's good because GSX Monitor is a great tool, it just runs and runs and runs!!!


Wow! You guys are great!! The new HTML log when it's too large for Notes is wonderful!!! Great, great work