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Bayer runs hundreds of Domino servers all across the globe. It is critical that these servers remain up and running, but just keeping track of them all is a big job. The monitoring product we used previously, would cause our Domino servers to crash or at times would not notify us when a Domino server was down. A piece had to be installed on each Domino server to allow it to work.

Since the existing monitoring product was not meeting our needs, we began a project to look at other solutions. Our main objective was to get an effective product that was easy to use and we found that with GSX. Before settling on GSX Monitor, we evaluated several well-known Monitoring products, but all seemed too complex and difficult to use. Training would have been required to fully understand how their product worked. In some cases the support personnel had issues getting their own product to work.

With GSX, the product worked right out of the box and was very easy to understand. I also enjoy that nothing has to be installed on the servers so, I only have to update one machine. This is what I believe really separates GSX from the other products out there. An upgrade takes just 5-10 minutes to complete.

Our ROI began as soon as it was up and running, and that was within 30 minutes of receiving the software. Once the GSX Monitor is installed and configured, there is nothing much needed to maintain it. It runs and runs and in the 2 years we have used it ... the GSX Monitor machine has never crashed nor has it ever crashed one of our Domino servers.

At Bayer I deal with lots of vendors, but GSX stands out because they make a product that does what it says and does it well. The few times that I have required technical support I have found GSX to be responsive, knowledgeable, and professional.

GSX Monitor contributes a great deal to the service we are able to provide our customers. GSX Monitor always detects problems before our end users do, so this minimizes the potential downtime and makes us look good. Our administrators are always informed of the status of all our Domino servers, and this gives the end users confidence that the Domino servers are being well taken care of. This makes the end users more satisfied.