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Product Description

Keep your unified communications under control with GSX smarter Lync performance monitoring and reporting solutions.

Most of the performance monitoring tools only provide a bird’s-eye-view of systems and servers, whether they are switched on or off. GSX Solutions actually measures service performance from a user’s perspective to anticipate and avoid costly outages.
GSX Robot User performs stress tests on the system by:

  • Simulating the creation, connection and activation of the web conference services;
  • Measuring time delays when attempting to create a Web conference, including video and presentation features via the Lync Web application.
  • Performing stress tests on the system-level PowerShell Connection, Windows services, performance counters and potential disk outages; 
  • Providing a general front-end services, including tests on user authentication, address-book services access, presence systems, number of users connected, etc.;
  • Measuring instant messaging services between two and more users;
  • Measuring VoIP services, commutation abilities of the Lync server, peer-to-peer calls and VoIP calls through Lync.

describe the imageThe color LEDs from our agentless monitoring tool instantly inform IT administrators of the status of each service. GSX Solutions ensures that Lync SLAs are met through performance tests of all important actions that users perform, and all processes which the Lync server provides. Additional features include extensive reporting with a set of performance counters, troubleshooting statistics and graphs to help you identify the root cause of any issues.

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Campaign Kit:

This campaign offers a toolkit of resources, including: 

  • Email blast template
  • Sales presentations
  • Press release
  • Campaign design
  • Screenshots of v10.9
  • Release note
  • Technical documentation
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Reseller Demo Version

Please follow the instructions below to access your Reseller demo version:

  • Step 1: Go to and click on Create an account

Fill in the form and click on Submit. An email will be sent with a temporary password.

  • Step 2: Head back to the GSX website and click on Member Login:

Enter your email address and your temporary password, and click on Submit.
Set a new password and click Submit. You are now connected.

  • Step 3: Click on My Account and then Click on My private downloads:

Enter the 'GMASR109' code and click Enter:

The Reseller Demo Package is available for download under the name GSX Monitor & Analyzer Setup Reseller 10.9.0.

  • Step 4: Click on the file and download it to a dedicated station.

30-day Trial Version

GSX Solutions provides a free trial version for your contacts to run GSX Monitor & Analyzer in their environment. They have access to a 30-day trial gathering a set of the top features and capabilities of the world's most popular and efficient monitoring and reporting solution.

Communicate the following to your contacts:

=> Find out why over 6 million mailboxes are monitored by GSX Solutions. Sign-up for a free 30-day trial now!

Do not hesitate to contact for further assistance.
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