GSX Analyzer

GSX Analyzer is a powerful executive dashboard that works in conjunction with GSX Monitor to give managers throughout the enterprise the information they need at the time they need it. It can help you understand key trends and performance metrics in you infrastructure and enable you to prioritize and act. It will help you to maximize the value your enterprise gets from the collaboration solutions you have put in place by helping you understand availability and quality of the user experience more in depth. It works seamlessly with the industry standard and Enterprise Class monitoring and data collection tool, GSX Monitor.

Business Challenges

As an administrator, you are responsible for reporting on how healthy your systems are over any given period to managers and executives throughout your organization. You need to provide a variety of reports: simple uptime (which everyone hopes is always 100%), mail flow, replication integrity, and services status. Don’t forget that clustering and planned maintenance period affect the way these are measured and understood. All this, while also doing the myriad of other tasks you are responsible for and a few major projects and upgrades thrown in for good measure.

The combo of GSX Monitor and GSX Analyzer can help.  It meets this need with on-the-fly viewing, on-demand reporting capabilities and structured scheduled reporting to serve your different audience and Enterprise Class monitoring and data collection tool, GSX Monitor. 


  • Identify and understand key trends and performance metrics
  • Prioritize and ensure maximum efficiency
  • Manage capacity, forecast and ensure maximum efficiency with minimum overhead
  • Understand the overall health of your messaging, mobile, and collaborative environment
  • A visual and graphical interface to quickly see the present and historical trends

Key Features

  • Filter, organize, manage, and distribute information with Analyzer Profiles. Profiles ensure that the right information is shared with the right people in a secure and structured manner.
  • Get an overview of the health of your entire collaborative environment with the Environmental Health features.
  • Compare the performance of SLAs and KPIs across all the servers in your environment
  • Track the performance of selected statistics over a period of time with GSX Analyzer trend reports.
  • Trend reports can be created on demand or scheduled and delivered automatically to the right audience

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