On-Demand video: Keep Lync Under Control with Smart Performance Monitoring



GSX Monitor & Analyzer streamlines communication by delivering the critical information you need to manage Lync proactively and avoid any system outages. The GSX Robot User performs synthetic transactions at the system, the server and the service levels to identify and troubleshoot any performance issue before it impacts the business line.

Watch the On-Demand video “Keeping your Lync environment under control with smart performance monitoring“. Learn from our Microsoft experts discussing challenges and tips related to controlling the performance of your Lync environment.

You can enhance system performance, reduce costs and improve your organization's productivity by keeping your unified communications platforms up and running with the GSX Robot User. 

Play this video and find out how GSX Monitor & Analyzer for Microsoft Lync supports your IT department by:

  • Providing visibility on the Lync infrastructure in terms of:
    • Evolution of performance
    • Usage of the platform, user adoption
    • Anticipation of required changes before users are impacted
  • Detecting any performance issues from the location you pick
  • Making you aware of potential problems before receiving user complaints!
  • Justifying costs of new Lync servers with automatic forecasting reports
  • Providing real, independent metrics that prove the availability of the critical Lync features and identify potential bottlenecks
  • Ensuring end-users' satisfaction with the performance of the application

On-Demand video Agenda:  

  • Microsoft Lync's most common issues
  • Why Lync performance monitoring is critical
  • GSX Solutions’ business value
  • Demo of GSX Monitor & Analyzer for Lync
  • Questions & Answers session

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