GSX Monitor & Analyzer is an out-of-the-box monitoring and reporting solution for managing Office 365 environments.

Keep Microsoft Office 365 under control thanks to GSX Solutions, by monitoring the status of the servers as well as the services delivered to business lines. GSX Monitor & Analyzer is an agentless solution with out-of-the box monitoring and reporting capabilities.

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With GSX Monitor & Analyzer, IT administrators can ensure optimal service availability and performance with powerful synthetic transactions performed by GSX Robot User. GSX Monitor & Analyzer provides pinpoint alerts that enable administrators to head off emerging issues before they impact the business.


Proactive Monitoring

  • GSX Robot User simulates a user in day to day actions.
  • It uses powerful synthetic transactions to detect any potential problems in their localized area.
  • It configures alerts based on your own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Reduce TCO linked to Migration

GSX Monitor & Analyzer helps you conduct a successful and seamless migration, maximizing your investment before,during and after the process:

  • It prepares for your migration by sizing your current environment.
  • It anticipates performance issues in the Cloud and across multiples sites.
  • It monitors user impact during their migration.
  • It analyzes the performance of a new environment.


Avoid Costly Office 365 Outages

  • Recent Office 365 outages have re-emphasized the critical need for Cloud Monitoring.
  • GSX Robot User will help you anticipate problems by monitoring and reporting on user connectivity as well as email routing latency.




Real Time Reports

Show your Management what's needed to meet growing demands thanks to out-of-the box reports. Our reporting tools GSX Analyzer, provides a powerful executive dashboard with automated reports to understand key trends and performance metrics on Office 365, such as email statistics.

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