Microsoft Exchange migrations can be a complex process for administrators. GSX Solutions provides tailored solutions to face the challenges before, during & after the migration by


  • Setting-up the size of your current environment to prepare your migration properly
  • Managing co-existence of different platforms all at the same time
  • Anticipating performance issues across multiples locations, whether they are in the Cloud, in a Hybrid environment or On-premises.
  • Monitoring user impact during their migration
  • Analyzing the performance of the new environment



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GSX Monitor & Analyzer allows you to monitor, alert and receive valuable statistics on the service delivery and performance of components that really matter in your infrastructure. Fully agentless, GSX acts as a Robot User, sitting on a virtual machine or any laptop to automatically discover, display, troubleshoot and report on the health of your collaborative environment.


Exchange online performance monitoring

Core features

Agentless solution

Multiplatform solution
from a single installation

BES, Exchange, Lync, Office 365,
SharePoint, IBM applications

True end-user

GSX Robot User simulating end-user scenarios

Real-time monitoring,
alerting & troubleshooting

Powerful consolidated

Trends and forecast
automated reports

performance & usage

Powerful proactive
alert system

Integrated with global
monitoring solutions: SCOM,
Tivoli, BMC patrol, etc.

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