Return of the E-Space Invader

The E-SPace Invader is back!

He invaded GSX's webpages! Someone found one reading our eBook about monitoring Exchange DAG, another one catch one watching a video and some others shoot one on this page

Find him, Shoot him, and win prizes including a 2000$ travel voucher!

Want to enter to win? Here is how it works

  • Find the GSX E-Space Invader throughout our website
  • Click on the icon when your found one as the one below, it will lead you to the drawing form page where you will be able to enter to win.
  • Once you filled the drawing form you will receive an email confirming that you will be included in the draw
  • The winner will be announced on Wednesday 26th of september.

describe the image 

Prizes description:

  • 1st prize: 2000$ travel voucher- Prize proposal is a Caribbean Cruise for one week all inclusive.
  • 2nd prize: Parrot AR Drone 2.0

Dates and dead lines:

  • Contest begins on September 10th
  • Contest dead line is September 26th
  • Winners will be announced on September 26th

Let's have fun! Hunt starts immediatly

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Regulations of the game are available on this page: