How to manage your Database Availability Group (DAG)

This eBook highlights How GSX Monitor & Analyzer helps your to get the most out of your Database Availability Group.

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 includes several built-in tools, cmdlets and scripts for monitoring and alerting on issues that are critical for administrators and the business.  These powerful tools can be executed manually, but they are best utilized when they are automated and augmented with some form of alerting or notification. By automating these monitoring tasks with GSX Monitor & Analyzer, your administrators have more time to devote to other critical tasks, confident with the knowledge that GSX Monitor & Analyzer will alert them if the messaging system requires attention.

How to manage your DAG at a glance:

  • Measure your DAG Availability and performance
  • Manage your replication and de alerted when something wrong
  • Report on DAG statistics to take corrective action proactively

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