Introducing GSX Monitor and Analyzer v10.1 What is new for Exchange and SharePoint?

The latest GSX Monitor & Analyzer release provides a new set of features that meet the management challenges of enterprises using Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint.

Exchange monitoring enhancements deliver accurate metrics throughout the system such as:

  • Report on Database Availability Group (DAG) status check
  • Monitor Client Access Server (CAS) ArrayExchange
  • New CAS Statistics View that shows load balancing of users and protocol response times
  • New CAS Array Statistics View
  • New alerts on CAS Protocol availability
  • New Outlook Web Access alerts

SharePoint monitoring enhancements include new SharePoint Scenarios:

  • Create site
  • Add blog postdescribe the image
  • Add new item to list
  • Upload document
  • Create meeting
  • Test Search Service


Software screenshots

GSX Monitor V10.1

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CAS Array StatsP SharePoint Scenario CreateSiteP