Introducing GSX Monitor and Analyzer v10.1 What is new ?

What is new for GSX Monitor?

NEW Administration features

  • New configuration wizard eases the life of the IT department. By following a step by step procedure the product is quickly up and running
  • New enhanced user experience for a consistent look and feel regardless of technology
  • New time zone support provides one monitoring solution for many servers in different time zones. Reconfigure servers easily
  • Ability to add a new server directly from the main view

NEW Domino statistics view

  • Domino Statistics View displays all Domino statistics and status in one consolidated location 
  • Interpret all information quickly and easily

What is new for GSX Monitor for Microsoft?

NEW SharePoint scenarios

These new scenarios enable you to simulate common day to day activities that are critical to the successful delivery of SharePoint services to the business.

  • Create site
  • Add blog post
  • Add new item to list
  • Upload document
  • Create meeting
  • Test Search Service

What is new for GSX Analyzer?

NEW Forecasting features

  • Predict future capacity requirements based on existing trends
  • Develop automated forecasting reports
  • Identify and troubleshoot potential problems in the future


NEW Change Monitoring Module

  • Extend monitoring capabilities with this new Change Monitoring module
  • Track and manage all change requests within GSX Monitor
  • Monitor adherence to policies
  • Track and reduce the impact of unauthorized changes
  • Identify threats before they become an issue
  • Handle large volume of changes quickly and easily







NEW Exchange features

  • Report on DAG status check
  • Monitor CAS Array
  • New CAS Statistics View
  • New CAS Array Statistics View
  • New alerts on CAS Protocol availability




Additional GSX Analyzer New Features

  • Disable obsolete profiles while retaining all associated configurations and trends
  • New templates for business value and sales pitch
  • Create and share trend templates across all GSX Analyzer profiles