How to report on changes in your Domino Directory?

Due to distributed architecture of the Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino platform, controlling and monitoring changes can be challenging.

Something has changed in your Lotus Domino directory and no one owns to changing it and bringing down the company’s Lotus Domino system.
Has this ever happened to you? 
No? But it did happen to someone you know

Ever have your server fail and you don’t know why?
Have you ever audited your Domino Directory?
Did you ever find out that someone was in a group they should not be in?
Or do you just want an audit trail of who changes some of the things in your Domino directory?

GSX Monitor and Analyzer can keep tabs on what is being changed and by who

Extend the power of GSX Monitor with the Change Monitoring Module for Lotus Domino environments.
You can add his module to keep track of any changes to the following items:

  • Environmental changes (notes.ini)
  • Server documents
  • Server configuration documents
  • Program documents
  • Policy documents
  • Web Configuration documents
  • Group documents
  • Connection documents
  • Domain documents

This can be scheduled to run for each item in your directory in it’s own timetable and you can create a schedule for multiple elements to run once a day/week if needed. You also can have the report sent out via the alert system to interested stakeholders.


We would recommend that you run hourly scans on the things that change most often in your Lotus Domino environment as this will allow you to create an audit trail of changes.

SS2 CMMRules

Accountability is watchword for any service delivery manager and trusting your Lotus Domino administrators is right up the top of our list of accountable positions within your company. That’s why we make it easy for you’re to make sure everything is as it should be. It makes even more sense if you have outsourced your Lotus Domino environment to a third party to manage. How do you know that they are not creating backdoors into your environment without checking up and doing audits?

GSX Monitor will tell you what changed in a document, who changed it and when it was changed. This can be seen in the example report below.

SS3 CMMReport

As these are all HTML reports, they are stored locally and you are able to archive them and refer back to them as and when you need to. This makes your tasks during audit time very easy as you already have all the information you need. You can even use these reports as evidence to the change team that the changes requested have been applied.


Lotus Domino’s directory is the heart and soul of any Lotus Domino environment and maintaining its integrity is a must for any administrator/company.
GSX Monitor is able to automate the checking and audit of your Domino directory to make sure everything is as it should be and alert you if it’s not as you left it.

Easy to install and configure the Change Monitoring Module is available as an add-on for GSX Monitor & Analyzer. There is no need to re-configure your servers; this module automatically reads the configuration settings of your Domino servers from GSX Monitor.