GSX Monitor & Analyzer for IBM and BES provides an exciting new set of features that meet the management challenges of enterprises using Lotus Notes, Sametime, Traveler, Quickr and BES for critical business services.

This release is even more powerful, giving managers and decision makers the functionality they need to improve forecasting and responsiveness.

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What is New?

GSX Monitor :

    • New Configuration Wizard that leads administrators through a step by step procedures to configure IT environments
    • New Time zone support to manage alerting and reporting in different time zones around the globe
    • New Change Monitoring module that allows IT Decision Makers to track every change made in distributed environments and ensures verifiable policy compliance
    • New consolidated Domino Statistics View

GSX Analyzer

  • Identify future issues and anticipate them before they happen with the new forecasting features- This brand new feature gives you added metrics that are crucial for capacity planning.
  • Share Trend Report templates across all your profiles, disable obsolete profiles while still retaining all the reporting associated with it.

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  • Enhance the user experience: This release reflects GSX's philosophy to put the user experience at the center of development, and deliver services in an intuitive way. GSX Monitor and Analyzer comes with a set of new features that ease the overall configuration for a plug and play experience, time zone support, ergonomic improvements, pre-configured reports, etc.

  • Ensure compliance to corporate policies: The Change Monitoring module for Lotus Domino environments is an ITIL Change Management software. It allows you to track and manage change requests, monitors changes to groups, and demonstrates that security policies are monitored and enforced.

  • Improve capacity planning: New Forecasting feature provides automated predictive trends based on existing resource usage. On top of understanding exactly what is happening in your collaborative environment, you can predict what will happen for proactive incident management. This allows you to easily justify and set up corrective actions before they impact the business.

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Software screenshots

GSX Monitor

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GSX Analyzer

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Change Monitoring module

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