Meet GSX Robot User 
End-User Experience Matters

GSX Robot Users are advanced intelligent probes that can be deployed to all of your critical locations in a matter of minutes.

Once deployed, GSX Robot Users allow you to measure and monitor end-user experience for the key cloud services and SaaS applications used in your enterprise.




GSX’s Robot User helps you restore visibility
on your users’ experience by:


 ► Testing user experience from multiple locations

 ► Diagnosing network and connectivity latency

 ► Checking performance of On-premises and Cloud applications

 ► Performing health checks on hybrid identities


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How GSX Monitoring Works 
Maximum Understanding, Minimum Effort

 The GSX Robot User is a lightweight service. For many customers this operates as
a Windows Service running on a virtual machine or on dedicated IoT class hardware.
In other words – it is easy to find a deployment option that meets your specific needs.

 When measuring and monitoring user experience for Office 365, GSX’s Robot User implements a variety of techniques to ensure we are providing the most accurate and detailed information possible.  For example, we do not rely on ambiguous APIs to get our data. GSX’s Robot User invokes the real client applications when applicable to perform tests.

 How does that help you? Add a Robot User to First Release for early updates and you’ll know if that upcoming patch changes your network performance or implements any requirements. And you’ll know before one single user opens a ticket.



Centralized Visibility & Intelligent Alerting

Once you implement GSX’s Robots, you will have a battalion of advanced, highly intelligent probes all reporting back to GSX Gizmo, our core product suite. Never again will your tier 1 support desk be “unsure” if there is a problem. Our real-time UI enables you to see your global user experience status in an instant. However, you will not need the real-time UI, as your support teams will receive accurate, targeted alerting when anomalies in on-premises components, networks, ISP connections or even cloud services have been detected. 

At the same time, your historical data is processed by either an on-premises business intelligence engine or PowerBI if you prefer to send your data to the cloud. The historical data provides the necessary detail to understand the metrics you need to support your business going forward. Understanding how many more users can be supported in a location becomes a task as simple as clicking on a report.


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