Podcast Webinar: What's new in GSX Monitor & Analyzer for SharePoint?

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GSX Monitor & Analyzer provides full service tracking for SharePoint, checking availability, performance and usage from a real time overview console. The solution provides advanced alerts that pinpoint the source of emerging issues for corrective actions before they impact the business line.

The latest enhancements include enhanced reporting, and user-based processing to improve performance and the overall user experience.

Watch this webinar podcast to learn more about the features presented in GSX Monitor & Analyzer v10.5:

  • A new Overview console that automatically discovers and detects your entire SharePoint environment in a consolidated view.
  • Advanced SharePoint farm, server, and site management via full service tracking.
  • Monitoring site level performance and size.
  • Performance of user scenarios across the global farm to enhance the user experience.
  • Server monitoring by role, including availability by server type, web front-end server, application server, and SQL server check of availability and size.

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Do you know that GSX Receives Gold Award from MSExchange.org?describe the image
The Award is based on a comprehensive review of GSX Monitor & Analyzer for Exchange. It gives GSX the highest marks for its agentless monitoring and reporting solutions, as well as its ability to monitor Unified Messaging servers and Outlook Anywhere connectivity.
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