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Juliette Ollagnier

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Connectria is a global provider of complex and managed hosting services that include dedicated, cloud and custom solutions. Our hosting services are designed for companies of all sizes and industries.
Location: North America, USA
Type: Retailer
Platform: Blackberry, IBM, Microsoft
Contact Information:
10845 Olive Blvd., Suite 300
St. Louis, MO 63141 

Tél: 800.781.7820

Tags: Microsoft, BES, IBM, Retailer, North America, USA



SoftwareONE is a company made up of software licensing experts and have been doing this for more than 27 years. Our people know software licensing inside and out. This is all they do! We represent more than 4800 best-in-class software publishers.  We currently have locations in 65 countries servicing more than 80 countries.  We support more than 2500 global accounts and 15,000 customers globally.
Location: North America, USA
Type: Retailer
Platform: Microsoft
Contact Information:
20875 Crossroads Circle, Suite 1
Waukesha, WI 53186-4093 
Tél: +800.444.9890

Tags: Microsoft, Retailer, North America, USA

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DFC International

DFC International prides itself on its innovation and ability to partner with developers and suppliers to create unique, business solutions that help its users gain a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. As an IBM Premier Business Partner, DFC is one of the few ISV’s in Canada that are also software and hardware resellers, with additional expertise in Domino, VOiP/Telephony, Tivoli, Windows, and PureSystems.
Location: North America, Canada
Type: Retailer
Platform: IBM
Contact Information:
829 Norwest Road, Suite 215, Kingston, Ontario K7P 2N3
Tel: 416.479.0074

Tags: IBM, Retailer, North America, Canada