Introducing GSX Monitor & Analyzer v10 - What is new ?

Introducing GSX Monitor, a robust integrated monitoring and reporting solution for improving administrators and managers productivity. With GSX Monitor & Analyzer your IT department becomes more agile and proactive via a highly producive, fun to use enterprise solution.

Aside from multiple new features GSX has now extended its monitoring capabilities to other technologies in the collaboration portfolio. As always, without requiring a server install.The version 10 release also provides a new modular install for selected server types and components, a revamped user interface, new mail forwarding report options.

  • New IT Flexibility:This release extends its monitoring and reporting capabilities to new Technologies such as IBM Quickr, IBM Traveler, Sametime 8.5, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Sharepoint.
  • New IT Agility: GSX Monitors empowers IT deparment to rapidly add and deploy new modules to monitor with the new modular installation. GSX Monitors provides a productive and features rich install environment that let you pick the modules you want to monitor from a one single interface.
  • New IT Management tool:GSX Analyzer allows you to consolidate your IBM Traveler and IBM quickr reporting with your others server types:
    • Consistent metrics and user-experience measurement strategy
    • Key statistics, usage metrics, and trends
    • User level statistics
    • Server level statistics
    • Daily, weekly, and monthly reports
    • Long term trends
    • Environmental health comparatives

What's new in GSX Monitor?

Support for IBM Quickr

  • Monitor your Quickr server and service availability
  • Track and monitor the availability of key places
  • Monitor authentication, place, and catalog availability
  • Utilize the new Quickr statistics for reporting

QuickR Mainview Screenshots

New Support for Sametime 8.5

  • Monitor the availability of Sametime 8.5 services
  • Monitor the Sametime System Console
  • Monitor the Sametime meeting server
  • Monitor the Sametime proxy server
  • Monitor the Sametime Media Server
  • Monitor persistent meetings – ensure that specific meetings are available
  • Monitor DB2 and Websphere components

New Support for Exchange 2010

  • Database Stores, including size, white space, number of mailboxes, and average mailbox size
  • Database Availability Groups (DAGs), including replication and validation of high availability implementations
  • Client Access Servers (CAS), including status, and threshold alerts on OWA average response time and download tasks queued
  • CAS protocol checks including MAPI & OWA connectivity tests, POP3 service verification, IMAP service verification, and ActiveSync configuration tests

Exchange 2010 DAG Mainview

New Revamped UI

You can now easily and quickly organize your dashboard to make it more accessible and readable.
GSXMonitorv10 RevampedDashboard

New Support for IBM Traveler

  • Monitor Traveler service availability
  • Receive alerts in the event of a failure of the Traveler service or related services
  • Monitor the Traveler server task
  • Monitor the Traveler servlet
  • Alert on outdated device synchronization
  • View users and their associated devices
  • Device synchronization count
  • Generate metrics – new built-in statistics for Traveler reporting

Traveler Mainview

New BES Features

  • New alerts for BES 5 high availability environment: Monitor failover and failback, receive an alert whenr running on the secondary server after the primary has been restored
  • New template: be proactive by managing your BES more effectively
  • New Environmental and health reports : Understand your SLA and the KPIs that impact it

New Support for Microsoft Sharepoint

  • Monitor key services and availability
  • Report on site usage, indexer workload and catalog statistics
  • Monitor services and components
  • Monitor key site availability and response

Sharepoint Mainview

New Modular Install

GSX Monitors provides a productive and features rich install environment that let you pick the modules you want to monitor.


What's new in GSX Analyzer?

New Server Support

  • Ability to retrieve and trend Microsoft Sharepoint statistics
  • Ability to retrieve and trend Traveler statistics
  • Ability to retrieve and trend Quickr statistics
  • Ability to retrieve and trend Sametime statistics

New consolidated Reports

  • Ability to create reports that consolidate and compare different statistics across different servers
  • Build comparison graphs across multiple servers or standalone graphs of one stat on one servers
  • Consolidation into one report
  • New Schedule option in all reports with the ability to set the time period range that the report will cover. Schedule when the report will run and the date range that it shall encompass.

New Template Improvements

  • Create a ‘Style sheet ‘ that defines the look and feel of your reports.
  • Enable this configuration to be used with any PDF Report that Analyzer can product
  • Create your own Trend Templates available for re-use by you or other profile users

New Periodic statistics

  • Ability to have the latest Daily, Weekly, Monthly stats as an ‘On The Fly’ or Scheduled report
  • Ability to Generate ‘on the Fly’ or Scheduled Environmental Health Reports to CSV or PDF
  • Ability to set Default CSV Delimiter
  • Ability to incorporate the date range into the header / footer of a PDF report.
  • Date the report is generated
  • Date Range that the report encompasses.