Monitor, Report and Alert on the Components and Services that Really Matter when Using Microsoft Lync Web-Conferencing Services.


Keep your Microsoft Lync under control with GSX Solutions by monitoring server status as well as the services delivered to business lines. GSX Monitor & Analyzer streamlines communication by delivering the critical information you need to manage Lync proactively and avoid any system outages.

What used to be a "nice to have" application, instant messaging has now become a pillar of large companies' unified communications platforms. But, how do you make sure that all of your Lync environment's features are working and will continue to work properly from an end-user perspective?

GSX Solutions lets IT administrators ensure optimal service availability and performance with powerful synthetic transactions performed by GSX Robot User. GSX Monitor & Analyzer provides pinpoint alerts that enable administrators to troubleshoot emerging issues before they impact the business.


Real-Time Monitoring

GSX acts as a robot user performing synthetic transactions at the system, server and service levels. It processes regular tests on the system by simulating the creation, connection and activation of the Web conference services, measuring time delays, and testing instant messaging, audio and video calls.


Troubleshoot quality of service issues

GSX Monitor & Analyzer retrieves the performance counters you need to troubleshoot the quality of service you deliver to your users. Stop being blinded by tracking all the statistics you need related to your Lync deployment.


Avoid Costly Lync Outages

Monitor the services availability of your Lync deployment and anticipate potential business line performance slowdowns by giving accurate metrics of the performance and quality of the services delivered. Ensure end-user satisfaction and drive adoption by constantly simulating users and receiving alerts for performance and latency issues.


Proactive Reports

Demonstrate to your management what’s needed to meet growing demand with out-of-the-box reports. Our GSX Analyzer reporting tool provides a powerful executive dashboard with automated reports to understand key trends and performance metrics on Lync 2013.

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