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This version is reinforcing the strategy of GSX to support Enterprises delivering the best Office 365 user experience, while keeping their employees on the path to optimal productivity.

Take your chance to test the new features and continuously improve the service quality of your hybrid and Cloud deployments.

What’s new?

You can now monitor Teams beyond Voice and Login, with features on performance and availability such as create a channel, upload a file to a channel, search a user, check presence…

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GSX Gizmo is now able to test, alert and report on the availability and performance of your Microsoft ADFS and Azure AD Connect.

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Monitoring the health of DAGs inside your Exchange on-premises organization will ensure that the high availability is provided and that the replication of every single database is healthy.

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Our customers' favorite feature

Because every mail flow paths must be monitored, GSX Gizmo now provides you with Hybrid capabilities to support Cloud to on-premises mail flow, in between mailbox and from any SMTP gateway.

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