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Webinar: June 20, Understanding Outlook and Office 365 Performance Issues

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Apr 23, 2017 4:20:00 AM


A 30% packet loss rate is terrifying. However, your users in Outlook may not even notice because only select actions in Outlook show users that the network is suffering significant issues. On the other hand, just when you're feeling good about the resiliency of Outlook, a seemingly minor issue resulting in sporadic single digit packet loss might render users in Outlook practically unable to function.  

Join us for this technical deep dive into the performance metrics that are behind the tickets and the complaints. We'll dissect user actions, dig into the response times and show you what is really happening when tickets come in saying "Outlook is slow."

Join us on June 20th, 2017
11am - Eastern time zone (US & Canada)
5pm - Central Europe time zone 


Can’t make it? Sign-up anyway and we’ll send you a link to the recording.

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