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Webinar: April 5th, How-to: Detect, Troubleshoot and Solve Office 365 Performance Issues

When dealing with Microsoft for Office 365, you get a 99.9% SLA availability contract. But that SLA only concerns the service out of Microsoft datacenter.
Everything in between your users and the entry point at Microsoft is still your responsibility.
So, when a user complains, how do you know if it is Microsoft's responsibility or yours?
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Webinar: February 15th, Boost your Skype for Business Online Performance

Whether you are considering migrating from Skype for Business on-premises to Skype for Business Online, or you just want to deploy this new service throughout your company - assessing the satisfaction of end-users is key.
Indeed, Skype provides real-time tickets when users are unhappy.
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GSX Event: November 6-7, Microsoft Experiences'18, Booth 76,  Paris, France

Visit the GSX team at Microsoft Experience 2018 in Palais des Congrès, Paris on November 6-7th. We will be exhibiting our Office 365 Management tools including end-to-end performance monitoring, advanced usage reporting and enterprise administration.

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