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Webinar: December 7th, Office 365 Performance Changes Using MAPI over HTTP Protocol

webinarctaHTTP (1).pngMicrosoft stopped supporting the RPC/HTTP protocol and now requires users to switch to another protocol, called MAPI/HTTP. Although switching to MAPI isn’t technologically difficult, it does require a lot of work and strict adherence to Microsoft’s guidelines. 

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Webinar: June 1, Domino to Exchange Coexistence Made Easy(er)

When organizations migrate from IBM Domino to their new Microsoft Exchange environment, or during a sustained coexistence period, the applications and user population are split between the two messaging platforms.

Join us on June 1st to discuss about the components of Domino, Exchange and 3rd party interoperability products so that you can properly support your migration. 

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Featured Webinar: April 4, Monitoring Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business in a Hybrid World

Letting go of on-premises control is a very big part of moving your services to the cloud. It has caused a paradigm shift in what it takes to deliver a positive user experience.

IT Teams are still held accountable for services delivered, even if the actual servers are physically in the Microsoft datacenter. They now need deep insights into how end-user applications perform on key tasks.

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New GSX Monitor & Analyzer v10.8 supports Office 365 in a hybrid cloud or fully in the cloud

GSX is glad to announce today the release of GSX Monitor & Analyzer v10.8. The new release supports full cloud messaging-systems deployments as well as new platforms environments.

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GSX Event: March 3-6, SharePoint Conference 2014, Las Vegas - USA

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New GSX Monitor & Analyzer release keeps tabs on Outlook Anywhere and Unified Messaging

The latest enhancements help pinpoint delivery issues and assure continuous universal user access to the Microsoft Exchange protocols and infrastructure.

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ARCHIVE- What's new in GSX Version 9.3

ARCHIVE- What's new in GSX Version 9.3

During this webinar, you will get a deep dive technical presentation on the newest features of GSX Monitor / Analyzer. This is a great way for existing clients and evaluators to learn more about how GSX can help your organization, regardless of its size, better gather and use critical actionable data on the health and the status of your messaging servers.

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