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GSX Solutions Launches GSX for IBM Connections

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Aug 3, 2016 10:26:06 AM

IBM Connections is a Web 2.0 enterprise social software application developed by IBM to provide online social networking tools for large organizations. In order for companies to take full advantage of its array of collaboration and productivity tools, they should proactively monitor their IT environments to minimize outages and critical issues. GSX allows IT administrators to comprehensively monitor the status and performance of IBM Connections at the application level.

Each IBM Connections' application is published on a webpage, by a webserver that connects to a particular database to retrieve the required information. For each application, GSX tests the end-user experience of the webpages, including availability and performance. Each application needs specific WebSphere nodes to deliver features to end-users, and GSX investigates each particular WebSphere component. It also checks the availability of the specific database hosting the required data for each application.

GSX Monitor for IBM Connections combines the following capabilities:

  • Application end user monitoring via URL checks (one per application)
  • IBM WebSphere Application server health monitoring
  • IBM DB2 health monitoring
  • Network diagnostic latency monitoring for on premise servers (one per tested location)
  • IBM WebSphere Portal health monitoring (coming soon)

All of these capabilities are included in GSX's new Web UI dashboard that enables administrators to have clear visibility of their tests and results from multiple locations. The result is a way for IT administrators to stay one step ahead of user experience issues, while providing a unified dashboard to troubleshoot, reduce mean-time-to-repair, and improve the service delivered to end-users.

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