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GSX Solutions Launches End-to-End Office 365 Identity Management

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Jul 8, 2016 3:46:33 AM

New GSX Solution Helps Assure Trouble Free User Experiences With Centralized Watch Over Microsoft's Active Directory, Azure AD Connect, and Active Directory Federation Service

GSX Solutions, the global leader in proactive, consolidated monitoring and reporting of Unified Communication environments, including Microsoft, IBM, BlackBerry, Cisco ESA, and SQL Server applications, today announced the launch of end-to-end identity management monitoring for Office 365 environments.

The new GSX solution helps assure trouble free user experiences by extending centralized watch over Microsoft's Active Directory servers to include the Azure AD Connect (ADD Connect) service, and the Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS).

"With the rise of Office 365, the management of user Identities outside the corporate firewall and in the cloud has become a complex challenge," said Antoine Leboyer, CEO of GSX. "By presenting key performance indicators of all three identity components in a single dashboard, administrators are quickly alerted to emerging issues that could impact the user experience."

Key performance indicators monitored by the new solution include:

  • for AD, replication health, LDAP binding time, and client session,
  • for AAD Connect, current sync cycle, sync dates, and number of objects (on premises and in Azure),
  • for ADFS, number of tokens, number of requests for federation metadata and artifact resolution, and certificate expiration dates.

Above all, the new GSX solution runs all three services through end user scenarios, to help assure uninterrupted service.

Comprehensive Office 365 Identity Management is now available

The new end-to-end identity management monitoring for Office 365 is available at


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