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GSX 365 Insights Provides a Deeper Understanding of Yammer and SharePoint Usage

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Feb 24, 2017 4:59:37 AM

Rock your Yammer & SharePoint Analytics

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Feb 22, 2017) - GSX Solutions, the leading provider of monitoring and reporting solutions for on-premises and cloud unified communications -- today announced GSX 365 Insights to provide organizations a deeper understanding of their impact on Yammer to improve ROI. GSX 365 Insights is designed for community managers using Yammer for both internal and external communications, and also works with SharePoint online and on-premise. The product collects information needed to empower your business line and your company visibility on the Microsoft networks.

Yammer and SharePoint have their own native dashboard analytics tools, but the data they provide is limited. GSX realizes that when it comes to communications, information is power, so GSX 365 Insights collects and presents data on a single interface that allows you to:

  • View usage statistics that enable you to trend the use of your tools over time across your organization. This allows you to see the level of involvement in each department, and to identify the most active and inactive groups.
  • View activity reports which show the most popular Yammer groups and networks, as well as the top SharePoint sites.
  • Identify and target influencers by identifying who is the most actively engaged on Yammer. Reports can also identify inactive users.
  • Measure the impact of your announcements and posts by finding out which content attracts the greatest audience response. (GSX 365 Insights is the only tool that can tell you how many people view an announcement in Yammer.)

GSX 365 Insights also allows organizations to benchmark their Yammer and SharePoint engagement, by comparing it to same-sized organizations within your industry. Community Managers can also view top documents, track the most-discussed topics on each network, and monitor the most active topics over time. The product is available for both SaaS and on-premise deployment.

"With GSX 365 Insights, organizations are better able to demonstrate their Yammer and SharePoint usage and ROI," said JF Piot, VP of Product Development. "By ensuring that your communications are adequate and effective, you can start to improve the ways you share information both internally and externally from the Microsoft network."

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