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The GSX Cure for Exchange Administrative Headaches

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Oct 1, 2012 2:54:00 AM

By addressing administrative headaches, GSX Monitor & Analyzer helps assure smooth operation of your Exchange messaging environment while keeping a lid on costs.

Headache one: “I can’t keep up with user demands.”

In dynamic collaboration environments, administrators are constantly challenged to keep capacity ahead of user demand, within the usual budgetary constraints.

By monitoring used disk space, free disk space, the ratio of average mailbox size over those allowed in mailbox databases, GSX helps take the guesswork out of capacity planning. GSX tracks the average and maximum access times, as well as server availability during the previous weeks or months, allowing you to properly plan for necessary capacity upgrades.


Headache two: “My servers are up but users are complaining.”

Even though your servers are up and running messages can be queuing awaiting delivery, resulting in email bottlenecks and escalating user complaints. There can be a big difference between nominal system performance and actual user experience. Exchange administrators need to load-test their environments with various scenarios to forecast demand, size capacity, and optimize the cost/performance ratio for user experience. GSX Monitor helps to cure this headache by measuring performance from the user’s perspective.

Headache three: “Writing PowerShell scripts is a daunting task.”

Using PowerShell scripting to monitor Exchange environments is beyond the abilities of the average Exchange administrator, complex scripting knowledge would be required to provide a reliable and thorough monitoring solution. However, with GSX you have out of the box alerts, statistics, and reports that require no code to use. For example, you can run an Environment Health report on your Exchange servers, comparing the performance of SLAs and KPIs across all the servers in your environment. You can build profiles that enable you to instantly and easily compare key metrics across all your servers, to rapidly identify and prioritize issues. 

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