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GSX Solutions is delighted to announce the General Availability of GSX Monitor & Analyzer for Sharepoint

Posted by Anne-Sophie Eliet on Sep 27, 2011 3:37:00 AM

This Agentless, out-of-the-box solutions enables SharePoint administrators to continually monitor services from a user perspective and quickly take corrective action when issues arrive.

Microsoft SharePoint collaboration and information management has become a mission-critical platform for many organizations. However, its rapid embrace has led to significant risks, that GSX Monitor & Analyzer effectively resolves- By continually monitoring system performance from both the user’s and administrator’s perspective, we effectively empower our customers to avoid these pitfalls, reduce their operational costs, and maximize the value of their SharePoint investment.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer for Sharepoint allows you to :

  • Increase control through an interactive visual dashboard that displays service levels from the user's perspective, ensuring continuous service availability while providing administrators a single interface for managing server issues.
  • Reduce costs by targeting specific problem areas for immediate corrective action
  • Allow IT administrators to ensure a quality user experience by monitoring and analyzing system performance.
  • Measure against set SLA's to forecast potential performance and capacity concerns.
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