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GSX event: Webinar - “Understand and monitor the performance of your SharePoint environment, from the user’s perspective”: learn how to avoid issues before they impact the business

Posted by Anne-Sophie Eliet on Sep 16, 2011 8:30:00 AM

Sign up for our free webinar and get proactive with GSX Monitor & Analyzer for SharePoint and learn how to monitor the performance of your environment from the user perspective.

In 45 minutes you will learn how you can:

• see what troubles your SharePoint users are experiencing or could be experiencing in the near future
• see the major pain points that IT departments usually experience around SharePoint
• see a real time status view of ALL your communications servers (SharePoint and Exchange)

A company without any monitoring and reporting system in place learns about server problems the hard way, when employees or customers start complaining. For most companies, communications technology is mission critical, and a disruption in service can present a huge financial liability.

Scheduled Date:
•  European Time zone: November 15th - 13.30pm CET

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