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Posted by Meryll Moreau on Oct 22, 2009 1:08:00 PM

The Right Way to Do Monitoring

In this issue of BlackBerry Connection® we look into what proactive monitoring is and why it's vital for any company, from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises. We'll also share some real-world examples that show how proper monitoring can save you money, and how negligence—in the form of passive monitoring—can negatively affect your bottom line.

According to GSX, a developer of proactive monitoring software, these companies have failed to understand the difference between “monitoring,” and Blackberry in GSX”troubleshooting.“ If your system requires frequent attention by highly skilled staff, you are troubleshooting. With a true monitoring system, even level-1 helpdesk employees should be able to keep an eye on the system status, only requiring more skilled assistance when a problem is detected. It is proper monitoring practices that let companies like BEIT Systemhaus, a GSX Monitor customer, maintain more than 50 servers with high uptime in 30 locations in 10 countries, with only two dedicated mail administrators.

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