Office 365 Usage Reporting

Beyond the Basics

What does GSX 365 Usage Reports provide
on top of the Microsoft Admin Center?

GSX 365 Usage

Microsoft Admin

Customer reports

User activity pivot tables

Schedule reports

Export and email reports

User Management (RBAC)


Publish dashboards

Ability to get Exchange On-premises environment report

Single sign-on to access the application with O365/Azure Active directory credentials

Data available for more than a year

Reports in different formats (Pie, Graph chart etc.)

Activity Reports

Inactive users by service

Active users per day

Tenant Reports


 Office 365 service status

 Tenant service status


Mail traffic overview

Internal Vs External

Spam & malware traffic

Top senders & receivers

Top distribution groups

Top spam and malware

Inactive distribution groups

Mail traffic by user

Inactive mail recipients

Mail traffic pivot

Microsoft Exchange

Inactive Exchange users

Connection by client types

Email addresses

Mailbox sizes

Mailbox size over time

Mailboxes over quota

Shared mailbox sizes

Recepients by type

Recepient counts over time

Total mail storage over time

Users with archive mailbox

Users with forward set



Exchange logins per day

Archive mailbox sizes

Skype for Business

Skype activities per day

Skype activities

Skype for Business user activity pivot

Inactive Skype users

Client devices per day

Microsoft Teams

Daily activity reports

 User activity

Tenant activity

Teams device activity


Yammer activities

Devices usage

Groups activity

Microsoft SharePoint


Sites collection

Sites collection admin

Top sites per size


User activity

Top user activity


Site usage


Inactives objects

Sharing setting

Versionning settings

Auditing setting

Group membership

Externals users

Microsoft OneDrive

Inactive users


Active users per day

User activities

OneDrive storage history

Top OneDrive users

Distribution Groups

Distribution groups

Distribution groups sizes

Groups accepting external mail

Distribution group list

Empty distribution groups

Office 365 groups activity

Office 365 groups daily activity

Mobility Devices

Mobile users

Mobile devices by OS

Mobile devices by manufacturer

 Mobile devices by policy

Policy application status

Mobile devices by client

Folders synchronized per device

Devices by access state

Mobile devices pivot

Inactive mobile devices

Security / Auditing

User mailbox Security

Shared mailbox Security

Users by retention Policy

Mailboxes on hold

User password settings

Last password change

Administrative roles

Mailbox auditing

Licence Reports

Subscription overview

Licence usage over time

Licence by service

Licence by user

Users without License

Product activations by user

User with not activated products

License pivot

Subscription cost analyser

Subscription products analytics

Cloud Commander

Legal hold users

Exchange storage overview


Azure AD Anomalous Activity

after multiple failures

Azure Portal

Irregular sign-in activity

Azure Portal

Sign ins from unknow sources

Azure Portal

Sign ins from infected devices

Azure Portal

Compromised Accounts

Domains overview

Domains history

GSX 365 Security Audit Module

Audit timeline

Top operation by service

Less filters

Failed events


Administrator activities

Mailbox activity events

Exchange DLP events

Teams events

Sharing and access request

File and folder operations

SharePoint / OneDrive sync operations

SharePoint / OneDrive DLP events

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