New GSX Coexistence Monitoring Package Available

When organizations migrate from IBM Domino to their new Microsoft Exchange environment, or during a sustained coexistence period, the applications and user population are split between the two messaging platforms.

Coexistence packages are intricate, ensuring that mail and calendars flow between platforms without interruption for smooth business operations. do you ensure your Coexistence package is up and running?
How do you monitor the health of your Coexistence installation?

GSX offers the only monitoring solution providing insights into these coexistence packages.

Key features of GSX Coexist include:
 MONITORING the health of your Coexistence installation in real-time;
SUPPORT of Binary Tree CMTc and Quest CMN Coexistence software packages; 
 TESTING end-user experience including mail flow and calendar availability, from multiple locations;
 DIAGNOSTICS of network and connectivity latency;
 MONITORING for any version of IBM Domino and Microsoft Exchange, including Office 365;
 TROUBLESHOOTING in a single dashboard to instantly pinpoint service delivery issues;
 ALERT SYSTEM that is fully customizable.

GSX Coexist package is offered as a one-year subscription.
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About GSX Solutions

With over 20 years of experience at developing solutions for email administrators and IT managers, GSX is the leading provider of monitoring and management solutions for messaging and collaboration applications. At the core of GSX's mission is the end-user experience, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted service delivery within complex on-premises, hybrid, and cloud scenarios. GSX is an IBM Business Partner as well as a Microsoft Gold Partner.