Server Guard

Server Guard enables unattended crash recovery and automated server maintenance procedures for Domino and windows based servers, thus ensuring that your servers run with maximum available resources.

More specifically, Server Guard:

  • GSX Server GuardDetects server crashes and/or task freezes, and performs automatic unattended recovery actions in response;
  • Runs unattended server maintenance on a prescribed schedule (daily, weekly or custom schedules);
  • Runs scripted Domino maintenance such as Compact, Fixup, etc;
  • Runs routine Windows reboots to clear memory leaks
  • Provides a Timeout feature that ensures the box will recover even if the maintenance does not complete successfully in the prescribed window.
  • And get this: you can password protect your servers because you will not have to leave the doors wide open for someone to restart the server.

Among other benefits, Server Guard frees up memory lost to memory leaks and dead processes. It automatically detects problems and takes immediate action without manual intervention, including automatic restart if a process is hung on a server. Server Guard also lets you perform remote configuration and remote maintenance from a central location.

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