BNP Paribas

Mahdi Rachedi, IT Messaging Manager at BP2I

About BNP Paribas:

Paris-based BNP Paribas is ranked as the world's fifth largest bank by Forbes magazine and is France's largest bank. The bank has long used IBM Lotus® Domino® to provide collaboration capabilities, such as email and enterprise scheduling, to its 170,000 employees worldwide.

The Challenge:

Managing BNP Paribas' vast IBM Lotus Domino environment, which spans over 220 servers in Europe alone, is the responsibility of BNP Partners for Innovation (BP2I), a joint venture operated by BNP and IBM.

Lotus Domino is the communications backbone of the company and being able to collaborate, communicate and access real-time information, even when out of the office, became a key business requirement. It's so important that, in 2003, BNP Paribas decided to extend the functionalities of Lotus Domino to mobile users by deploying a BlackBerry® solution.

Today, in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region alone, the bank has over 9,300 BlackBerry smartphone® users spread over 15 BlackBerry® Enterprise Servers. The population is split into two groups: standard users, who use their BlackBerry smartphones for email, voice, calendaring, PIM management and web browsing; and premium users who also have access to Reuters and Bloomberg feeds for BlackBerry and/or some specially developed business applications in addition to the standard services. Lotus Domino and the BlackBerry solution are so critical to the bank's business that system availability of both is governed by strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs). As a result, BP2I had to find a way to manage the availability of the BlackBerry solution in addition to the Lotus Domino system, without increasing its workload or hurting the performance of either system.BNP

The Solution:

For Mahdi Rachedi, IT Messaging Manager at BP2I, the natural candidate was the GSX Monitor application from GSX Groupware Solutions, which BP2I was already using to provide monitoring, alerting and advanced reporting for Lotus Domino. Since GSX Monitor is also designed to work with BlackBerry Enterprise Servers, extending its functionalities to the BlackBerry solution required no new training nor did it increase BP2I's workload.

As the name implies, GSM Monitor proactively monitors the health of the email environment including the BlackBerry solution and, should any problem occur, can take a variety of preemptive or corrective actions, including sending messages and auto-alerts. Moreover, GSX Monitor is non-intrusive, meaning there are no agents to install, which avoids any possible conflicts between the server and the rest of the production infrastructure.

The Benefits:

By combining the end-to-end monitoring of its email system provided by GSX Monitoring withthe superior reliability of the BlackBerry solution, BP2I is able to ensure business-hour availability of mobile email well above the 95% minimum level stipulated in the SLA. Rachedi says that the business-hours availability of their BlackBerry solution is regularly over 99%, despite the fact that "we don't control all the networks used by BlackBerry email."

"Email is a mission-critical application for BNP Paribas," says Rachedi. "It's so important that we had to have a tool capable of monitoring and measuring the availability of the email system, from desktop computers to BlackBerry smartphones." Thanks to the BlackBerry solution with GSX Monitor, the end result is a better level of service for the BNP Paribas' ever growing population of BlackBerry users and easier monitoring and reporting for the teams that manage the system.