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Why You Need a Monitoring Solution for Coexistence Packages

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Tue, May 02, 2017

When organizations migrate from Domino to their new on-premises,
cloud, or hybrid Microsoft Exchange environment, there is a period of
time when users and applications exist on both platforms.
IT administrators know this is a precarious state to be in.


The situation is a complex undertaking, requiring software packages that vendors refer to as “coexistence” to bridge the gap between the two messaging platforms. Coexistence packages are intricate, ensuring that mail and calendars flow between platforms without interruption. It takes close attention to make sure that your applications and services are working without interruptions, and that’s why it’s important to monitor your coexistence packages.

GSX Coexist offers the only monitoring solution providing insights into these coexistence packages. At the core of GSX's mission is the end-user experience, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted service delivery. GSX Coexist provides real-time monitoring and alerting of the health of your Coexistence installation, leaving no surprises when mail from Domino does not make it to Microsoft Exchange or vice versa. Should mail not arrive as anticipated, GSX Coexist generates an alert so that issues can be resolved before impacting the end-user. GSX Coexist also proactively verifies that calendar “Free/Busy” requests can be successfully processed by the coexistence platform in both directions, generating alerts when requests fail.

When administrators are in the midst of a migration, they need all of the insights they can get. GSX provides statistics on execution time and stores that data so that performance can be evaluated as the migration advances.

Monitoring your coexistence packages ensures that users have uninterrupted service during an organization’s migration process. With all of the insights and capabilities in an easy-to-use dashboard, GSX provides the best solution to guide your migration journey.


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