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Why Office 365 Administration Portal Doesn’t Make The Cut For Large Businesses

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Wed, Apr 26, 2017

Office365Admin.pngFor small businesses, managing Office 365 is a simple and straightforward process. But for large, complex, and global organizations, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Microsoft Office 365 administration portal was not built to handle day-to-day operations belonging to large volumes of users, or licenses, whether you are in hybrid, cloud only or multitenant environments. Microsoft’s built-in tools have strong limitations when it comes to managing users or delegating administration.

Microsoft’s standard administrator portal is clearly geared towards smaller companies. It doesn’t allow you to apply actions to multiple users in a smooth and efficient way. The portal doesn’t provide easily and visual delegation capabilities without PowerShell cmdlets, making it difficult to keep your environment secure. The portal is not designed to assign licenses with built-in tool, and provide insights that help you make informed spending decisions.

Creating endless amounts of PowerShell scripts, which is often recommended as a solution, just isn’t scalable and difficult to monitor and maintain when you consider the ongoing burden to your IT staff. So, how do you keep Office 365 administration and user management simple and inexpensive, even in a complex environment? Hybrid environments raise additional challenges for the Administrators. In addition to the traditional on-premises Active Directory, they now have to provision and manage users' identities and access to the cloud-based resources.

GSX Enterprise Management is the world’s most advanced cloud management platform, built specifically for helping large organizations manage daily administration for thousands of Office 365 users in a hybrid environment. GSX allows administrators to:

  • Automate all Office 365 license and user administration with Organizational Units (OU) policies,
  • Control IT administrator access rights (RBAC),
  • Multitenant user administration,
  • Granular delegation options for your help desk or local IT staff, in order to free-up time of your senior IT staff,
  • Concurrently manage on-premises Active Directory users, as well as Office 365 licenses and attributes from a single web-based console,
  • Track and report user and administrator activity,
  • All through a single easy-to-use portal.

GSX designed its Enterprise Management solution specifically with large, complex organizations in mind. As a global company ourselves, we know how important it is to manage multiple users and automate processes to maintain efficiency and reduce costs. That’s why GSX’s tool lets IT administrators apply actions to multiple users, track actions, delegate administrator access to support team for day to day activities (reset password, license update…), and much more. With these capabilities, it builds on the powerful capabilities of Office 365 to provide truly necessary features for monitoring and management.



To learn more about GSX Enterprise Management, watch our on-demand webinar. Check it our to see how GSX will help you ease the burden to maintain a smooth environment for collaboration.




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