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Why Office 365 Admins Need Shareable, Customizable Reports (and how to get them)

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Wed, Dec 07, 2016

reports-1.jpgAdministrators know that if you don’t show your users how to get value out of Office 365, they won’t take full advantage of it, and your organization won’t truly reap the benefits of your investment. A main issue with Office 365 is that admins have struggled to get comprehensive, actionable information. That’s made it difficult for admins to measure Office 365 service adoption, and even more difficult for them to share that information outside of their teams due to limited sharing functionalities.

Recent additions to the Office 365 Admin Center have started to improve this. Microsoft announced this year the new Office 365 Admin Center and Office 365 Adoption Content Pack compatible with PowerBI. The new Admin Center activity dashboard makes it easier for admins to see how their organization is using Office 365, with insights into email, OneDrive, and Skype for Business. Many admins like that the graphs are now more customizable, providing the option to select date ranges. The reporting features are also a slight improvement, but it’s still impossible to access the reports unless you’re the admin at your office. The reports can’t be shared unless an admin spends time downloading them as a csv. file or compiling data in an Excel sheet.

So, the new Office 365 Admin Center is an improvement over previous offerings, but could still use some work. As an admin, you should be able to generate deep, insightful reports to examine how your Office 365 environment is being used. Why? Because admins need insights into adoption so that they can dedicate resources to onboarding or streamlining processes that will meet their organization's needs. Furthermore, those reports should be easily shareable so that management can see how their Office 365 investment is being used.

That’s where GSX 365 Usage comes in. GSX Usage provides fully customizable Office 365 reports that let admins specify what information they need, and generate it quickly. Usage reports can be automated so that admins can spend less time requesting and compiling them. Reports can also be easily shared, cutting down on organizational inefficiencies. GSX 365 Usage can also provide insights into PowerBI, letting admins see how different applications on the network are being used. With help from GSX, admins and organizations alike can truly customize and vastly improve their reporting processes, leading to a better understanding of your cloud environment. 

GSX 365 Usage contains 90 built-in reports designed to help save organizations money and maximize the value they’re getting from Office 365. Read more about GSX 365 Usage.


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