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WannaCry Attack- Why Auditing Your Office 365 Security Should Take Priority

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Tue, May 16, 2017


Since Friday, there has been a brand new ransomware threat spreading very rapidly. It is called WannaCry (aka WCry, WannaCry, WanaCrypt0r, WannaCrypt, or Wana Decrypt0r). The attack does not directly affect the Office 365 service; however it proves that large companies are not safe when it comes to coordinated cyber attacks that target their data security.

Many organizations don’t realize how risky their application security is until it’s too late. This causes major interruptions in productivity and end-user satisfaction, and can seriously impact the data that an organization holds valuable and private. Just because applications appear to be running smoothly, doesn’t mean there aren’t serious vulnerabilities that IT teams should be aware of.

Microsoft recently released something called Office 365 Secure Score, a new Security Analytics Service designed to find and fix risks in Office 365. This tool evaluates security configurations and provides insights into how well your organization is performing. Secure Score examines the security controls that an organization could be using based on its existing Office 365 plan, and compares that number to the actual number of security configurations an organization is using. It uses that data to provide a “Security Score,” which IT administrators can use to evaluate their security measures, compare with their peers, and make progress towards improving them. Why not sign in, and find out your score now?

While Secure Score is a good step towards measuring the quality of your Office 365 security, it’s not the only step you should be taking. In this blog post, Microsoft recommends to use Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, which has a machine learning capability to blocks dangerous email threats, such as the emails carrying ransomware.

At GSX, we designed GSX 365 Security Audit to help administrators secure their cloud environments. It helps simplify auditing, allowing for faster resolution of the Data Security Incident. It also provides visualizations on a single, clean dashboard, making it easy to navigate and solve issues; and it provides long-term data storage so administrators can stay on top of their progress.

With more organizations migrating to the cloud, it’s important to remember that just because things appear to be running smoothly doesn’t mean that their aren’t security issues to be aware of. Take control of your Office 365 security before issues arise, and you’ll be thankful that you have the tools to auditing measures to maintain a top-performing cloud environment for all of your users.

Don’t let your Office 365 environment be the subject of a preventable attack. Start using the GSX 365 Security Audit to keep your data secured. Get free auditing for 14 days!



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