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Office 365 Support Ticket Reduction

Posted by Jean-Francois Piot on Thu, Nov 09, 2017

GSX Solutions is the specialist of Office 365 services performance optimization. We’ve worked with many enterprise customers measuring their end-user experience thanks to our Robot Users. We have the expertise, want to share the knowledge with you and explain real business cases that we faced with our customers.

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Microsoft SharePoint Pre-Migration Audit

Posted by Clementine Crozier on Wed, Jun 21, 2017

Ready to migrate your SharePoint environment, but not sure where to start?

If you plan to migrate SharePoint, whether to SharePoint 2013, 2016 or Office 365, gather an inventory of your environment before doing anything else.

Don’t assume you know what is happening in your current data environment. Conducting an inventory of your existing SharePoint system and assessing documents and data is crucial to understand what content you should migrate and what is happening in the environment before migration.

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SharePoint Headache #4: “I can’t measure the user experience.”

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Thu, Mar 08, 2012

How can you know if an action will improve the user experience if you can’t measure it?

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