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Voilà! The GSX Team is in Paris for Microsoft TechDays

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Mon, Feb 09, 2015

GSX Solutions is sponsoring the Microsoft TechDays 2015 which will beggin tomorrow in Paris, and we are so exciting about it. Check out our booth, the team just landed and we are all set to meet with you tomorrow!

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The Hybrid Cloud Wonderland: Wonders and … disenchantments

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Fri, Feb 06, 2015

Congratulations you are now part of an every-day growing community of organizations who have moved to the Cloud! As most of your pairs, I guess you moved some aspects of your environment into the cloud, while keeping either part of all your implementation in-house.

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Perfecting the Art of Service Delivery with Hybrid Microsoft Exchange

Posted by Xenia von Wedel on Wed, Feb 04, 2015

By now, the benefits of leveraging the public Cloud to run critical business applications are widely known. Lower and predictable subscription-based costs, increased performance due to virtualization and automation technologies, and the outsourcing of tedious management and maintenance tasks to a third-party are among the reasons that many businesses are already making the move. And, IT administrators are increasingly under pressure from management and various lines of business they serve to lower TCO by outsourcing at least some workloads, including Microsoft Exchange, to third-party hosted infrastructures.

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Metavis and GSX teams up on complex Microsoft Exchange projects

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Thu, Jan 15, 2015

In spite of cloud technologies, hybrid deployments being talked on by experts … around the coffee machines, the truth is that we all know how complex these deployments are. Even worse, lack of comprehensive planning will result in higher costs, delays and management being unhappy.

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