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Top Office 365 Issues: User complaints on ‘unable to login to Skype’ and see presence status

Posted by Pavan Reddy on Fri, Feb 02, 2018

robot-user-3.pngSkype for Business is a powerful part of Office 365, but oftentimes users encounter frustrating issues with the service. When you’re logged into Skype, you’re supposed to be able to share your status with others who are logged on. However, users often complain that this feature isn’t working.

Generally in this case, an IT administrator would request that the user obtain configuration details from the Skype for Business client. Then they’d confirm that the client was able to fetch the auto-discover URL from Office 365. If users continued to complain about the issue, they’d submit a help ticket to Microsoft. That’s an unnecessarily tedious process when there’s a simplified solution offered by GSX.

The GSX Robot Users are able to perform synthetic transactions between two Skype for Business accounts to confirm whether the accounts are able to register the client and exchange presence information. This allows administrators to understand the time taken to perform the action, and take necessary steps to fix Skype for Business Online before the end-user complains about the issue.

Synthetic transactions performed by GSX on Skype for Business Online:

  • Login/Register the client
  • Test the presence
  • Test the address book service

S4B capture.png

For each synthetic transaction, GSX captures the time it takes to perform the action and show it in graphical representation. Administrators can correlate this information with different Robot User statistics and identify the issues much more efficiently.

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