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Top Office 365 Issues: Mailbox Latency Complaints

Posted by Pavan Reddy on Tue, Mar 07, 2017


User complaints about mailbox latencies are one of the most common issues that IT administrators face, and one of the most time-consuming to fix. Generally, an IT administrator will respond to complaints by asking if the issue is affecting everyone in the location.

They’ll also ask how frequently the issue is occurring, and request that the user check their network connectivity by opening Google. Then, the administrator will try to ping from their computer to get the network hop details to investigate further. They’ll involve the network team to find out any issues from the site. If no issues are found, they will reach out to Microsoft and open a case.

With GSX, IT administrators can save hours of time responding to email latency complaints. GSX automates the process, performing synthetic transactions from different locations on dedicated test user mailboxes to get the complete details on latencies. GSX performs several actions and lets admins be alerted immediately when set thresholds are exceeded. This allows admins to be proactively notified before the end user complains, and saves hours of time solving email latency issues.

The GSX Robot User is a small, easy-to-use scan engine that seamlessly deploys remotely in minutes operates autonomously, generates minimal overhead, and is fully secured. It emulates the behavior of your end-users running multi-step scenarios to access your cloud services or any on-premise application from all possible locations, alerting you when it detects any issues. Using the GSX Robot User to systematically execute synthetic transactions with your critical business services gives you instant insight into the quality of experience as perceived by your end-users.

With the GSX Robot User, you create an active end-user experience grid with indicators that reflect your business service against SLAs -- as actually perceived by remote users on site. The Robots are packed with high-value added features, like proactive monitoring of critical transactions and alerting around the clock. It’s a powerful diagnostic aid that accelerates incident detection, root cause analysis, and resolution. With the GSX Robot User ecosystem, your organization has the tools it needs to monitor service and solve problems before the end-user ever takes notice.

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