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Top Office 365 Issues: Certificate errors on federated environments

Posted by Pavan Reddy on Tue, Mar 28, 2017

nain-tool4.pngSince ADFS environments depend on certificates, it’s important to make sure they don’t expire and wreak havoc on your organization. Most major issues with ADFS occur due to the expiration of certificates. So if users start complaining that they can’t access their Office 365 resources, certificate expirations could definitely be to blame. 


In this case, an administrator will usually manually check the event logs for certificates to see if they’ve been renewed properly. However, manual checks aren’t necessary if you’re using GSX. Since GSX knows the importance of certificate monitoring, it can run continuous checks on certificates in ADFS and ADFS proxy servers to display all of the details an administrator needs.

With proactive checks, GSX allows administrators to be alerted before a certificate expires, so that they can renew the certificate to avoid major outages. This saves time for both the administrator (who doesn’t have to spend hours on the phone with support teams) and for end-users, who are able to continue using Office 365 service without interruption.

Microsoft Identity Management is core to the performance monitoring of applications. That’s why GSX Solutions developed monitoring capabilities that provide administrators with proactive alerts on performance and system usage, as well as end-user scenarios to test the availability of the service from the end-user perspective. GSX for ADFS collects key performance indicators and usage statistics, giving admins actionable insight to solve business problems. For example, GSX can alert and report on a number of tokens, metadata requests, and artifact resolution requests. GSX not only performs server monitoring, but also mimics end-user actions and performs synthetic transactions on the ADFS environment. The result allows administrators to quickly identify and troubleshoot ADFS issues from a single dashboard, reducing headaches and improving overall performance in your Office 365 environment.

GSX provides out-of-the box monitoring to ensure your business-critical applications are performing the way they should, whether they're on-premise, hybrid, or in the cloud. Find out more >>


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