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Top Office 365 Issues: Unable to login due to Azure AD Connect sync issues

Posted by Pavan Reddy on Tue, Jan 24, 2017


When users are unable to access their mailbox or SharePoint on Office 365, this can sometimes be due to sync issues. Most organizations will use AAD connect (previously called DirSync, and AD sync) to sync their on-premise identities to their Office 365 environment, so it’s important that these two systems communicate to make it possible for users to access what they need on Office 365.

An administrator will go through a couple of steps to identify the issue in this case. First, they’ll request the on-premise account ID from the user. Then, they’ll check the sync time in AAD to see if the sync failure happened and re-run the sync schedule. They’ll request that the end-user wait until the sync completes to try again, and hope it works this time.

With GSX, administrators can significantly reduce the time spent identifying sync issues. GSX monitors the Azure AD connect server synchronization cycle and notifies the administrators in case the sync cycle fails or stops for any reason. GSX gathers the information on a number of objects available on-premise and in AAD, allowing administrators to identify the objects not available or not synced to Azure, letting them proactively address the issue before a user complains.

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