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Top Office 365 Issues: Mail Delay Complaints

Posted by Pavan Reddy on Tue, May 30, 2017

A top complaint with Microsoft Exchange Online is delays in sending and receiving emails. This leads to a loss of productivity among employees, and also takes up a lot of time for IT administrators.

When a user complains of this issue, IT administrators will start by requesting the user provide their email header, then checking to see whether the issue is widespread amongst the organization or isolated. If they find that the delay is happening on the Office 365 end, they will raise a case with Microsoft to identify the problem. Unfortunately, the Office 365 administrator can’t see the mail queues in the portal, so they aren’t able to proactively identify and fix email delay issues.

GSX helps save time and reduce complaints by providing a mail routing end-to-end check associated to an echo mailbox in the cloud that allows administrators to send a test email every five minutes to validate message reception and time. By doing this, GSX helps admins continually understand round-trip time, and be alerted in case of any failures in sending or receiving emails. This lets administrators be proactively notified about delays, and to fix any issues before the end-user even becomes aware of it.

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