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TNT Case Study: From Alerting to Troubleshooting in one click

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Fri, Sep 25, 2015

tnt-express_416x416-1.jpgTNT is one of the world’s largest express delivery companies. On a daily basis, the company delivers close to 1 million consignments, ranging from documents and parcels to palletized freight.

The company needed a consolidated remote monitoring solution for its distributed global messaging collaboration and mobile infrastructure of IBM and BlackBerry servers. Monitoring the entire messaging infrastructure in one place required alerts to critical changes and anticipated slowdowns.

The TNT Infrastructure

An 11-member team manages 272 Domino servers aand Sametime servers for over 40,000 users while another team manages the mobile infrastructure gathering BlackBerry and Traveler servers. BMC Patrol was also in use to manage the global infrastrure from a network perpective alerting the team when something unexpected occured.

The TNT Need

Monitoring all the messaging and mobile infrastructure  in one-place was a must have combining with the ability to know when critical changes are occuring and antipate slowdowns.
Alerting and troubleshooting across a distributed infrastructure of IBM Domino, Sametime, Traveler and BlackBerry in order  to pinpoint tasks, disks, pending dead mails and replication for thousands of TNT Users around the world.

The GSX Value proposition

TNT introduced GSX Monitor & Analyzer as its main monitoring tool for mail in 2001, and has since expanded its use to its entire messaging infrastructure. GSX allowed TNT to create alerting rules that actively check server uptime, availability and more.

GSX enables administrators to set up one-click alerts to emerging issues before they impact the user experience:

  • Response time thresholds to monitor tasks, pending or dead mail. Alerts are sent out when the routing path is unavailable or exceeds the predefined time threshold;
  • Mailbox replication, as well as daily reports on critical databases;
  • Alerts when the utilized space on various discs exceeds predefined thresholds;
  • Monthly troubleshooting reports, including statistics on unusual events.

The Results

With GSX alert to investigation and troubleshooting in one click, TNT support can use the remote web smart view of GSX Monitor to pinpoint tasks, disks, pending dead mails, and replication for thousands of TNT users around the world. The data are centralized in the UK where all the troubleshooting is done.

“Combining GSX Solutions together with BMC Patrol is the perfect match for incident escalation and resolution” said Ian Denny, Technical Support Analyst at TNT. GSX Is sending alert to the BMC console when something is working below expectation for faster resolution. We have worked with the GSX team for a long time, and have always found them to be highly effective. “Support is always available and issues are fixed really quickly. We know that our messaging systems are secure thanks to the GSX product and support.”


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