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The Truth Remains- User Experience is Everything

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Tue, Oct 03, 2017

illuBlog-smile.pngHybrid scenarios are complex, involving both on-premises and cloud components. How many people truly know about what it takes to integrate platforms, what exchange migration is, or how to even really define the cloud?

Whether or not businesses are educated in these everyday solutions, complexities will always show up and come second to improving the product sets ease of use.

A challenge that organization now face are the complexities that come with changing a majority of responsibilities that IT Administrators that they have been specializing in for years. This means that when an administrator switches from on-premises to cloud monitoring, the job becomes more intense.

Gary Steere, CTO at GSX Solutions, is just one of a few elite individuals worldwide who is both a Microsoft MVP and a Microsoft Certified Master. As an expert in the Microsoft Exchange field, Gary's perspective and leadership guides GSX's customers towards managing a positive end-user experience in complex hybrid environments.

According to Gary, letting go of on-premises control is a very big part of moving your services to the cloud. It has caused the paradigm to shift in delivering a positive user experience. IT teams are still held accountable for services delivered, even if the actual servers are physically in the Microsoft datacenter. However, they now need deeper insights into how end-user applications perform on key tasks.

This brings up the question of what are the new challenges involved with managing a Cloud or Hybrid Cloud environment? As Gary explains, the challenge is pinpointing what information is critical to track, and how to figure that out. Hybrid scenarios are complex, involving both on-premises and cloud components; and workloads that have been off boarded are subject to dozens of new points of failure – many of which you cannot control as an administrator. The key is to monitor the end-user experience in this new arena.

The reality is that there are not enough monitoring options for admins at this time. Many technology products and services tout the positive user experience that they deliver, but what if watching counters on servers isn’t enough in today’s hybrid world where 99.9% up-time is simply expected from users? Hybrid scenarios are complex, involving both on-premises and cloud components. With this change, workloads that have been off-boarded are subject to dozens of new points of failure – many of which are out of our control.

Gary tends to mention hybrid scenarios about 5 times more than the cloud. When asked why, he says it’s because there is no such thing as 100% cloud. The reality is that you will never get rid of every on-premises server. “Once you get to over a thousand seats,” he says, “you have at least one Exchange server on premises, because the only way to connect with the Microsoft cloud is with an on-premises Exchange server.”


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