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Microsoft SharePoint Pre-Migration Audit

Posted by Clementine Crozier on Wed, Jun 21, 2017
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Ready to migrate your SharePoint environment, but not sure where to start?

If you plan to migrate SharePoint, whether to SharePoint 2013, 2016 or Office 365, gather an inventory of your environment before doing anything else.

Don’t assume you know what is happening in your current data environment. Conducting an inventory of your existing SharePoint system and assessing documents and data is crucial to understand what content you should migrate and what is happening in the environment before migration.

How many site collections do you have? How many sites? Which ones are not active?

Build a solid inventory to identify what can easily be migrated, removed, archived, or what needs to be rebuilt in order to reduce the time it will take to migrate.

Having this IT inventory will help you estimate the effort required so you can plan accordingly, and accelerate your SharePoint migration immensely.

The necessary pre-migration reports can be generated through PowerShell scripts, but only if you are PowerShell savvy. It will be hard for someone without the full understanding of PowerShell to generate such reports. Alternatively, you can refer to a 3rd party tool, such as GSX 365 Insights.

GSX 365 Insights collects and presents data on a single interface, which allows you to get intelligence and insights to measure exactly how SharePoint is used, internally and externally:

  • Analyze the activity of any site: Number of hits, visitors, contributors, by department, by site location, etc..

SharePoint Sites Activity

Content activity on a specific site collection

  • Compare the different type of sites on your SharePoint


  • Discover your most popular sites, reach out to inactive sites, and reallocate orphan site

Inactive Sites

  • Discover the most popular content (top pages, top newsfeed, top documents...)

Top Document Reports

  • Trend the use of your SharePoint over time across your organization.6-8.pngSharePoint Adoption over time
  • Detect population that is most engaged and who can be impacted by the migration.

7-6.pngMembers & Engagement Reports to find out who are your power users

Engagement Reports per Department

The GSX 365 Insights for SharePoint supports both on-premises and online deployment of SharePoint, including SharePoint 2013, 2016 and SharePoint Online. Take control and own the migration of your SharePoint starting today!


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