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SharePoint Performance: Slow is the new Down

Posted by Jean-Francois Piot on Tue, Aug 14, 2018

illuTwitterSlow3SharePoint has always been a sensitive topic. When it was on-premises, it was often complex to deploy and manage. It got better with SharePoint Online. But, the management of the user experience is still a real headache.

Because users must wait in front of their computer, waiting for SharePoint to upload, download or process to any workload, any slow-motion features rapidly annoy the end user until they become angry at something they cannot understand.

Why is SharePoint slow? Is it their laptop? Microsoft? The IT department? The internal network? The ISP? Who is the right person to blame? The question is legitimate and concerns most of the SharePoint or Office 365 admin people.

Moreover, because slow seems to be the new down, it is highly critical for the support team to understand what slow means! When did it start? How slow is it? Is it slower than before, or not?

Before you can investigate the problem, you must determine if there is a real problem or not.

All these points are complex to manage, especially in organizations with multiple sites and many users. And what is true for SharePoint is true for OneDrive.

At GSX Solutions we provide a unique way to constantly and accurately measure the end user experience of SharePoint Online from where your users are.

Our Robot Users  continuously use SharePoint Online and OneDrive exactly as a user would while checking the performance of the network. With that data you can get back visibility on everything that matters to assess and improve the SharePoint Online and OneDrive user experience.

Join our webinar to see real-life examples of SharePoint performance improvement, how to determine the reality of an issue, how to know if it is local or tenant-wide, and how to quickly identify the root cause. 


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