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Product Tips: Manage Office 365 Inactive Users and Mailboxes

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Wed, Nov 18, 2015

When it comes to managing Office 365, there’s an easy way for organizations to save money: having clear visibility into license usage and allocation.

For instance, when an employee leaves your company, there are a number of administrative to-dos such as returning equipment and updating payroll. From an IT perspective, you’ll also want to make sure to disable that person’s account and reallocate the user license, so that you’re not spending money on unused resources or paying more for additional ones.

With the Microsoft Office 365 portal you can note that there are inactive users in your organizations who consume some licenses but you cannot identify quickly who they are and where they are located out of the box. Of course you have the option to write PowerShell script, which gives you a list of user last log on date, below some interesting articles that detailed how to retrieve this info:

All this is really manual and can be restrictive as it does not give you detailed information knowing that it is not flexible at all as it is though PowerShell Scripts.

GSX 365 Usage makes it easy for you to quickly identify inactive users in your cloud environment, across various Office 365 products. You can view detailed reports on the activity (or inactivity) of your users on any service and consolidate all inactive user information into a single report. This makes it easier to identify inactive users across your entire Office 365 suite.

For example, you can check to see which users have not logged in to their Exchange mailbox in the past 90 days, or which users have not been active on Skype or OneDrive in the last 7, 14, 30, or 90 days.
So whether you need to monitor Exchange, Skype, or OneDrive, GSX can consolidate information for all of these products into a single report.

In addition to visibility of inactive users, GSX 365 Usage gives you quick and easy access to information about Mailbox Permissions. This allows you to identify, which users have access to which mailboxes — perfect for auditing mailbox permissions and ensuring that users only have access to the mailboxes they should.

With the flexibility to customize reports using 150 different attributes, you’ll get exactly the information you need.
You can even schedule reports to be emailed to key stakeholders on a regular basis.

These kinds of insights not only enable you to quickly remove and re-allocate resources, but also allow you to monitor the adoption rate of newly introduced technologies and services as well as better understand your employees’ habits, being alerted on specific events like mailbox size, number of items growth using
GSX Monitor & Analyzer.

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