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Office 365 Proactive Monitoring: Get Ahead of your Issues

Posted by Clementine Crozier on Thu, Mar 22, 2018

illuBlogProactiveMonitoring.pngWhile there are a few performance monitoring options available on the market, the level of data granularity and availability of useful, impactful insights varies greatly. Most solutions don’t offer enough detailed metrics and analysis to pinpoint problems (as well as their root causes) quickly; oftentimes, the data isn’t even presented in an easy-to-use, efficient manner. In addition, few solutions are comprehensive enough to test the application environment at every level — including and especially the end-user perspective, which is a critical aspect of performance.

By proactively monitoring the IT environment, including the end-user experience, organizations can focus on delivering quality service, minimizing downtime, and preventing outages and issues before they even occur. In order to accomplish this, you need the right tool that will measure the right things — namely, measuring the quality of the end-user experience and alerting you the second any latencies or issues might arise.

GSX Gizmo provides actionable insights for your Office 365 management, so that you can ensure business continuity and guarantee end-user satisfaction. This end-to-end monitoring solution provides real-time statistics about the end-user experience and other critical metrics, including from multiple locations. GSX monitors every key performance indicator affecting your IT environment, and immediately alerts you, the IT administrator, in the event of any degradation or abnormality. The result is that issues can often be addressed before they even impact the end-user.

Beyond performance monitoring, GSX also empowers you to calculate your ROI and measure user engagement and adoption. With over 90 customizable reports on all Office 365 services, GSX 365 Usage Reports helps you understand how your users are engaging and using these services, including where, when, and from which device. Paired with GSX Gizmo for performance, this is the perfect way to both monitor and measure performance, and how improved performance can drive higher user satisfaction and adoption.

GSX provides powerful Office 365 management tools including advanced usage reporting, performance monitoring, security Auditing, and enterprise-class administration. 


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